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10 Foreplay tips to improve sex life

Foreplay is like driving a car on highway. First gear to top gear slowly which results in a proper ride. It has some similes with love making. Human body normally is not ready for intercourse, all the time. There are psychological and physiological changes necessary for preparing the body for intercourse and proper

Generally internet is full of such tips who tell you about female anatomy especially the clitoris and G-spot. No doubt these are very sensitive organs, but limiting oneself to these areas will not result in a fully satisfying sex.

Here are some tips for foreplay so as to result in satisfying sex.

1. Please remember the biggest sex organ in human body is brain. Women need right kind of stimuli for their brain centers to generate impulses for sexual desire.

2. The best source for stimulation in a woman is her body; that is a sensual touch of the person she loves, trusts and respects, is most likely to produce sexual desire. So don't jump onto clitoris and G-spot directly. So you have to touch the maximum areas on the body of a woman to prepare her for intercourse.

3. You should touch her body where she likes the most. The touch should be gentle and sensual, may be slowly increasing in intensity and pace because every woman has preferences for some types of touch, where as she may not like other types of touch.

4. Do not touch the clitoris directly. It can be painful because it is very sensitive. You should rotate your fingers over clitoral area touching it intermittently and making sure there is enough lubrication on clitoris. You can use your saliva directly by your tongue or by fingers. The firmness should be as per liking of the women.

5. Multiple stimulation is the best technique. You can stimulate breast with one hand and vulva or clitoris with the other hand. That means you should try to stimulate more than one areas at one time, but it should be in gentle movements.

6. Do not force any activity which she does not like. Some women may not like oral sex or anal stimulation. Touching her body with her permission is the best policy.

7. You should try to experiment with different types of touch. Doing the same routine again and again will lower the level of stimulation, so the response in the woman may not be the same as it was previously.

8. Do not be in a hurry to enter her vagina with your penis. Do it when she is ready. She may indicate her readiness either directly or indirectly. Many couples form their own ways to indicate when she is ready.

9. Please remember there can be variable response to the same type of touch, at different times. Don't be disappointed or frustrated if the response is not as great as last time, because it depends a lot on her mood and physical state of the body. Tiredness and bad mood will cause poor response.

10. Do not set a goal for sex. Most couples believe that woman must get orgasm, if the man is a competent lover. It is self defeating. Normally more than 20 to 25% women have no orgasm and a large number of women who had no experience with masturbation may not know what orgasm is. The goal should be a relaxing enjoyable
experience with sex.

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