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Blue veins over the penis

Blue veins over the penis

Some adolescents are very much concerned about the presence of prominent veins over penis. Some quacks claim that when someone indulges in masturbation in a bad company, it causes the loss of a very vital component of body resulting in loss of manhood. Such a person has sexual weakness. The proof is presence of Blue Veins on Penis.

This is a very unscientific and absurd theory. Every organ in the body has deeply located arterial system. These are thick walled and supply oxygen and other nutrients to the cells.

The non oxygenated blood is collected by a group of thin walled Vessels called Veins. Some of the veins are present in deep tissues & not visible, while others collect blood from superficial tissues.

They are visible. Example – You see a lot of veins on the back of hand and in front of elbows. Doctors give intravenous medicines through these veins as well as draw blood for testing.

THESE ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL. Similarly, veins over penis are normal vessels for drainage of blood from superficial tissues.