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Early Discharge

Early Discharge Treatment


This is the most widely prevalent sexual problem affecting about 21% of sexually active men throughout the world.

Ejaculation is the process of throwing out semen from urethral opening in spurts after reaching a certain level of sexual excitement. Excitement builds up gradually as a result of foreplay ,thus leading to a critical level where seminal discharge becomes inevitable.

Normal Ejaculation consists of 2 stages-  Emission  and Ejaculation .

Emission is secretion of seminal fluid with sperms in the prostatic urethra. This is associated with a feeling of inevitability of ejaculation. This is followed by  Ejaculation  which is characterised by expulsion of seminal fluid from urethra associated with contractions of pelvic and abdominal muscles. This is associated with excessively pleasurable feeling called Orgasm . Pleasure is felt due to release of a chemical called Dopamine in pleasure centres of brain.

Pre Mature Ejaculation is present when  one consistently ejaculates before being desired by himself or partner, and causes distress to both or either, Urological Research tells that Intra Vaginal Ejaculatory Latency of less than 2 minutes is abnormal and causes poor satisfaction in most couples. In my view, time is not as  important if both partners are happy with whatever they get.  But is distress is present, it is significant


Psychological Conditioning – Believed to have learnt to ejaculate fast while having sex before marriage in a dhani of agriculture field or in girls house as there was a risk of being seen.
Anxiety due to any reason, especially fear of not satisfying partner, fear of losing hardness, suffering from anxiety disorder.
Infection of urinary tract especially prostate.

Hypersensitivity of glans

Congenital Abnormalities



L earning coPremature ntrol of ejaculation under guidance of a qualified sexologist. For temporary relief some medicines like Dapoxetine 30 mg 3-4 hours before sex, Tab Paroxetine 20 mg before sex or Clomipramine 25 may be tried.

Surgery can be tried . A study published in an International Journal od Sexual Health showed 3 fold increase in the Intra Vaginal Latency Time afte Frenulotomy.

Local Creams can be used 


Premature ejaculation is same as impotancy.
Fact- Impotancy generally means reduced rigidity or hardness, not enough for penetration.

People secreting watery & sticky fluid on being touched by females suffer from pre mature ejaculation.
Fact- This is not seminal discharge but secretions of bulbourethral glands, meant for lubrication and clearing the urethral passage for sperms.

You need to be like men in porn movies and ejaculating before a female does is pre mature ejaculation.
Fact- Porn movie is like any other hollywood or bollywood movie from fantacy world and has nothing to do with reality. Also this is not compulsory that both partners reach orgasm together. In fact, very few women reach orgasm by peno vaginal sex. Here comes the importance of after play, where the female partner is stimulated by male to help her reach orgasm, after he has finished.


First identify the correct muscle by holding your urine for some time. The muscle that gets tight is the Pubo Coccygeal Muscle. This is the same muscle that controls ejaulation.
Once you know the muscle, pull your anus and urethra up tightly, release again pull as tight as you can. Repeat for 10-15 times.
Next- When you pull the muscle up, hold it in tight position for 5 seconds and then release. Now follow this routine 15 times for at least 3-4 times a day.
Initially this should be started in lying down position and should be changed gradually to sitting or standing position after some time.
This takes at least 4-6 months of regular muscle training to feel the result. These should be associated with trying sex in female on top position. When the male has the urge to ejaculate, he should give a signal to his partner to stop thrusting so the ejaculation is post poned. This is not learnt over night, it needs time so don’t be disappointed if initially you can’t control and ejaculate.
Stop Start technique is still quite effective if practiced properly. Pre Mature Ejaculation has excellent results if treated by a qualified sexologist but trying OTC medicines may do more harm than benefit. THINK, CHOICE IS YOURS.

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