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Effect of Meditation on sexual life

Effect of Meditation on sex life 

This is true that meditation has a positive effect on sex life of both men and women. They have improved desire, better arousal or excitement and stronger climax or orgasm. Let’s find out how does this happens? 

Normal sexual cycles consist of desire, arousal, and climax followed by a variable period of latency. Though women may have the first arousal then desire in many situations. Sexual desire is felt in the brain. The process of sexual desire is initiated by some sexual cues, past experience, or appropriate environment like mental imagery about sex. Sexual desire produce appropriate signals in the brain which stimulate pleasure centre of the brain. A number of changes are effected in the human body subsequently including hormonal changes that send down appropriate impulses down your spinal cord to your sex organs to effect intracellular changes to produce lubrication in women and erection in men. This whole sequence of events works like an orchestra to get the appropriate result. If the pleasure from the brain is replaced by anxiety, the whole process goes haywire and the erection or lubrication disappears. Like some women may be distracted to a past family trouble or a man may become unsure whether he will be able to satisfy her partner, whether the hardness in the organ is appropriate or not etc. All this can understandably lead to sex problems which have a snowballing effect with time. So the gist is the essential presence of the feeling of pleasure in the brain for normal sexual activity. 

In meditation, you are told to slow down your breathing along with a sustained focus on your breath. This focus will help you in reducing your heart rate with the increased parasympathetic flow. If a person practices meditation, he is able to focus on the feeling of pleasure in the brain in a much better way, and increased parasympathetic flow results in better arousal. Hence meditation will help you in improving your sex life. But this should not be attempted by people with severe psychiatric problems and other neurological problems. Ask your doctor before you start meditation

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