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Effect of Pornography

Pornography viewing is a common sexual practice all over the world. All men and women enjoy it still pretend they don’t like There are lots of misconceptions regarding the relationship of pornography to sexual dysfunctions.

It is considered a dirty thing. In India, watching pornography in public is a criminal offence and cajoling a female to watch pornography amounts to sexual harassment which is a criminal offence. If seen in privacy of your bedroom with or without your sexual partner, it is perfectly fine. 

In most countries, watching child pornography in any form is a criminal offence 

How frequently it should be seen- 

There are no hard and fast criteria. But occasional watching as an aid for arousal and moving on to partner sex is healthy but frequent watching for masturbation may result in some problems. Sometimes people limit themselves to watching pornography alone for sexual gratification.

This is hazardous and can have some serious effects on a person’s relationships, sexual function, and social and work interactions.

Some of these include:

Relationship problems. Sustained use of pornography can give people unrealistic expectations of sex. They may start to expect their partners to look or act a certain way during sexual activities. Partners may feel inadequate, insecure, and excluded. There can be resentment, arguments, withdrawal, and less communication and intimacy among couples. There are couples coming to me who want their penis to be like in porn movies. One woman chose to divorce her husband because she wanted sex as long as a particular porn movie - this is ridiculous.

Sexual dysfunction. Some men develop erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation if they masturbate while viewing pornography. Over time, the overstimulation causes brain changes that desensitize them from an actual partner. The partner will not be “enough” for erection or orgasm. They may need pornography in order to be sexual with another person. This is not uncommon. Such people should gradually withdraw from pornography.

Social and occupational problems. Too much pornography use may cause some people to isolate themselves from their friends and family. Their work may suffer or they could be fired for using pornography at their workplace. They may also have financial troubles if the money they spend on pornography is more than they can afford.

Psychological issues. Many people feel guilty and ashamed about using pornography because they consider it immoral. They may feel anxious about keeping their secret or getting caught 

Overall, if you also are a victim of this problem, don’t be afraid or hesitate. Contact us for appropriate treatment 

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