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Erectile Dysfunction – a Warning Signal for Cardiac Problem

It is a well-known fact that ED is caused in 70% of cases by vascular insufficiency or reduced blood supply.

•    The arterial System in body supplies oxygenated blood to all organs for their normal functioning.

•    There are arteries of different internal diameters in the body :

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Cavernosal and Halacine arteries to the penis with diameter     2.5-3 mm
Cardiac arteries to the heart with internal diameter                    4-5 mm
Carotid arteries to the brain having internal diameter                 6 mm
Femoral Artery to the lower limb having internal diameter          8-9 mm

•    Reduction in blood supply causes gangrene in lower limbs, stroke in the brain, an ischemic disorder in heart and ED in the Penis.

•    Disorders like increased lipids, atherosclerosis causing reduction of internal lumen or tobacco, the pollution, causing spasm that will affect all the arteries but produce symptoms in the organ supplied by the smallest artery first

•    As the smallest artery is in the penis, any reduction in blood supply will produce symptoms in the penis first of all ( ED)
HENCE, IF-ED PERSISTS FOR A FEW WEEKS IN A YOUNG PERSON (30-40 YEARS), it should never be ignored as it may be a warning sign for a future cardiac event.

What to do?

1.    Immediately consult your physician or better a sexologist
2.    Assessment for associated risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, raised lipids, stress, inadequate sleep  or sedentary lifestyle
3.    Management of the above factors can not only improve your sex life and save your marriage but may also save you from a catastrophic future event and prolonging your life

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