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Five Steps To A Great Sex Life

Did you know that an active sexual life is healthy for your mind and body both?

Not only does a satisfying and active sex life lend physical pleasure, but it also helps to stimulate your hormones leading to better overall physical health. A fulfilling sex life leaves you emotionally fulfilled and elevated as well.

Active sex life is defined by the ability to have sexual relations with a partner at least two times a month if not more.

If you feel you need to improve your sex life, here are five easy tips to follow. Incorporate them in your life to see a remarkable difference:

1. Communicate your needs to your partner

It is important to speak the truth about your sex life to your partner so that both of you can together work out a way to improve things. It is important to bring out your sexual needs and address the issue right away.

If you want to try out some new positions in bed, you want more foreplay, or there is a particular activity that you are not comfortable with, it is best to convey the same to your partner.

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2. Be truthful about how the experience feels

If having sex with your partner is not as satisfying, pleasurable and fulfilling, as you would want it to be, make sure to convey the same. Speak out about what is it that you find missing. If you are facing difficulty climaxing, convey the same to your partner along with some suggestions that will help you. If you are someone who likes to be cuddled and pampered before a sexual interaction, convey the same.

Once changes are made, it is important to convey to your partner how the experience was before and afterwards.

3. Drop your inhibitions

It is important for couples to shed their inhibitions in bed and understand what makes them happy together. Trying out new postures and methods of pleasing each other improves intimacy between the two. The freer you are with each other whether in conveying what you want or in trying out new things to please each other, the stronger will be your bond. This, in turn, leads to a more pleasurable experience in bed for both.

4. Give priority to your sex life

The way we prioritize healthy eating, exercise, and beauty regimes, take out time for your sex life also and make a conscious effort to improve it. Think of ideas to romance your partner and build-up an atmosphere that will lead to sex.

You could also fix a date with your partner, invest in some massage oils, aphrodisiacs, intimate lingerie, or any other such things that help you improve your sex life.

Most importantly, take out time for sex. Do not remain engrossed in your phones and laptops all the time. Cuddle together, drop hints and messages to each other, kiss more often, and never hesitate to convey how much you love each other. All these gestures only improve your intimate moments together.

5. Never hesitate to consult a sex therapist if you feel the need

Many times, your sex life could be ruined due to a medical issue. Often these issues are minor and can be rectified with just a little medical intervention.

If you feel nothing is working out, go ahead and consult a sex therapist. Talk about any medications that you are taking or might have taken in the past. Often medicines diminish sexual desire, affect the ability to sustain an erection or have orgasms. Your therapist may also be helpful in resolving the communication gap you face with your partner when it comes to sexual expectations.

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