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G-Shot to enhance pleasure

If your bedroom fantasies have surpassed reading erotica like Fifty Shades of Grey and are looking for the possibility of multiple orgasms in real, G Shot can be worth a try. 

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It is an OPD procedure, no need for hospitalisation and comparatively a safe procedure. Remember, it is meant for only those who are sexually active but want to have more fun. It is not meant for those who have low desire 

G Spot or Grafenberg Spot is an area on the front wall of the vagina which is very rich in blood and nerve supply. After clitoris, It is the most erogenous area in the female body.

Though It’s presence is a bit controversial as some experts don’t agree to its existence but generally, females get a lot of excitement if an area is manipulated during sex about 2 inches from the opening of the vagina . 

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M - Shot is done by injecting a specially prepared material under local Anesthesia into an area about 2-2.5 inches inside the vagina which elevated the G - Spot so that during penile insertion, this area gets much more stimulation.

This helps in arousal of the female which in turn will help male arousal as well. ( Watching aroused partner is the biggest aphrodisiac in the world) This not only helps in getting female orgasm but improves the overall quality of sexual encounters. Side effects can be a slight discomfort at the time of injection.

The results can vary from person to person but generally, people report better sex life 

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