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How might fertility treatment affect a woman’s sexuality?

Ans-  Fertility treatment definitely can take a toll on woman’s sexuality . Some women find that their libido has gone down significantly and may feel just too exhausted to have sex . Others may feel vaginal pain due to poor arousal and lubrication or may find difficulties in reaching orgasm . The situation may be quite frustrating when they realise how important sex is for pregnancy.  
The doctor often advises to have sex on particular dates of menstrual cycle so that chances of pregnancy improve . This is called Timed Intercourse . This adds to the anxiety and may lead to ED in the Male Partner . This further adds to the problem and affect sexuality in females . 

Some of these issues, such as low libido and increased fatigue, may be side effects of fertility drugs and hormones. And the process of taking hormones – sometimes by an injection to the abdomen or as a suppository – may also make sex uncomfortable.

Emotional issues during fertility treatment add considerably to the stress . Planning an intercourse as advised by the doctor is not easy as you are almost forced to have sex whether or not you are not in a mood . This puts extra ordinary performance pressure on the Male .

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