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Hygiene Tips for Healthy Sex Life

Everyone is taught from childhood to bathe daily, change clothes and brush teeth daily for keeping good health. Keeping hygiene prevents infection, removes bad smell and make you look presentable in society. This is very important socially because no one will like to remain close to a person giving a bad smell.

Similarly, there are a few things you can do to keep good hygiene for a better sex life

1- Clean your genitals regularly – While taking bath, Males should pull back the skin on penis gently and wash with plain warm water to remove smegma. No need for routine use of antiseptics. Similarly, females should gently wash the outer genitals with soap and water and pat dry them with a soft towel. Don’t rub it vigorously to clean otherwise the soft skin in this area may be damaged.

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2- Shave your pubic area periodically– Long pubic hairs will have more chances to retain moisture from sweat, leading to itching due to fungal infection. You can shave them off completely every fortnight or at least trim periodically ( As per your preference during sex) but make sure you allow sufficient air to pass in the pubic area.

3- Don’t use vaginal douches – Some females use chemicals with strong fragrance for the pleasant smell from the vagina . This is not advisable because it will disturb the normal pH of the vagina and destroy protective bacteria. You can use plain water not more than once a day.

4- Use cotton undergarments – Cotton is the best fabric to use for undergarments. They suit the soft skin of genitals. They allow sufficient air to pass and allow the sweat to dry. Synthetic material will not let the sweat to dry and cause rashes. The size should be appropriate, too tight underwears should be avoided.

5- Washing of genitalia after sex – It is not a must to wash your vagina after sex because semen is a sterile body fluid. Some may feel uncomfortable with the smell or the feel of semen. They can wash it with a small quantity of plain lukewarm water but no strong antiseptic solution should be used.

6- Changing napkins during periods – it is extremely important to change your napkin every 4-6 hours depending on the flow of blood. You can check it and if it is soaked, you can change but if not soaked yet, maybe you can wait. Keeping a fully soaked napkin will make you vulnerable to infections causing problems in married life or conception later on.
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