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injury to sex organs

injury to sex organs


Is crushed in a motor vehicle crash.
Falls and fractures his pelvis.
Falls onto something, such as a bar, with one leg on each side of the object.
Catches the skin of his penis in a zipper can be one of the major reason of damage of sex organs.
Falls on a pointed object.
Has the toilet seat fall onto his penis while urinating.
Has a high-pressured stream of water from a jet ski or water ski, water chutes, pool or jet spas shoot out directly at him can cause genital damage.
Takes part in excessive and strenuous physical activity.
Has certain conditions that cause the blood supply to the testicle to be cut off.
Has a sexually transmitted infection, such as chlamydia, that causes scarring and damage to the genitals.
Has infection in the area of the pelvis or genital region that spreads along planes below the skin, known as a type of gangrene termed Fournier’s.
Has disease that involves the male genitalia, such as testicular cancer, penile cancer, or cancer of the prostate. This also damages the reproductive system.
If misses the target while thrusting during a very passionate sex. Generally people are drunk as well so may get penile fracture which is a genital damage.
Some may pierce their penis with rings such as Prince Albert’s.


Has sex forcefully and vigorously.
Has circumcision of genital parts like clitorectomy, excision of labia minora or majora, some foreign object is inserted for pleasure or assault.
Has carcinoma/inflammation of cervix and gets in to sex.
Falls down on something protruding and hitting genital area can seriously cause injuries to sex organs and reproductive organs.
Treatment of reproductive organs and genital organs injury- Depends upon the extent of injury. Fractured penis has to be repaired immediately within 4 hours otherwise there can be organization of blood, fibrosis and permanent deformity and impotence.