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Is Premature Ejaculation A Genetic Disease?

Is Premature Ejaculation A Genetic Disease? 

PME is of 2 types- Life-Long or Primary PME which is present since the time one starts having intercourse till the time one stops intercourse later in old age. The other is Acquired PME or Secondary PME where one has a normal sex life initially but experiences PE in later life. These two are pretty different in aetiology. 

Life long PME is believed to be affected by genetics to a certain extent. 
Waldinger in 1998 put forward a hypothesis that Life long PME was genetically determined. He found a high prevalence of PE of less than <1 minute in first-degree male relatives of patients of LL PME. It is believed that LL PME is more neurobiologically determined than Acquired PME. This finding was confirmed by Jern and coworkers in a study of Finnish male twins. He found a moderate genetic influence (28%) on PE. Further studies showed that serotonin gene polymorphism is associated with the short Ejaculatory time in LL PME. All this confirmed that a genetic determination of life-long PE is present though it is also influenced by environmental factors and performance anxiety so contrary to popular belief, PME can run in families.

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