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Is Sex a Skill ?

One of the common myths about sex is that it is supposed to be “natural “or “automatic “like eating and sleeping . Reproductive sex does appear to be biologically natural .But the other functions of sex -heightened pleasure ,personal self-esteem and relationship intimacy are achieved by learning psychosexual skills
Think of any skill that brings satisfaction especially physical activity like dancing, skiing ,swimming ,climbing ,hang gliding ,parachuting or even running .Marathon runners don’t just go out and do it. It takes discipline, concentration ,psychological preparation ,physical conditioning and learning pacing strategies . So if you want to become a “ marathoner” during sex , you will need some mental and physical preparation - some kind of “training” .Yes, biological sex is basically natural - when penis goes into vagina - but to really enjoy emotionally intimate sex takes attention , knowledge and practice. Yes, it is annoying to have to give such careful attention to something you wish would just “flow”. But if you have a premature ejaculation, managing arousal takes training, That is a fact.

A  skill,  whether cognitive, emotional, behavioural or interpersonal is the learned  ability to perform the task well and with some ease  . Skills are developed through practice (repetition) ,persistence (disciplined )and patience .Can you remember learning new skills as a child ? Learning to ride a bike, for example, required a certain degree of persistence and self-regulation of the fear of falling down .You had to try time and after time until it became “natural “. You probably tipped over ,skinned a knee now and then  . But didn’t give up . Similarly a sexual skill has to be learnt . Experimentation with patience is the key .

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