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Do Kegel Exercises affect the orgasm in female ?

Ans - Yes, these exercises help to have better orgasmic experiences. 

Kegel exercises involve tightening and releasing your pelvic muscles . These pelvic muscles are a group of muscles connecting your pubic bone with coccyx at the back , providing a  tarpaulin like platform holding urinary bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum so that they don’t sag .

In a study involving around 350 women, those with strongest PC muscles had both vaginal and clitoral orgasms of good intensity while weak PC muscles had poor or no orgasm . Hence strengthening PC muscles surely helps to feel both clitoral and vaginal orgasm 
Similarly, women with strong Pelvic muscles ejaculate with orgasm . To locate your PC muscles, start to urinate with legs apart . Stop the urine now and feel which muscles you tightened to stop the urine . The muscles you squeezed are your PC muscles . Practice stopping the flow a few times to familiarise yourself with these muscles . Do these squeeze exercises daily a couple of time .

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