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Losing semen During sleep

Losing semen During sleep

It is ejaculation during sleep where too much significance is attached by people to nocturnal emission. It is commonly called SWAPNA DOSH. It is a complete misnomer as there is no DOSH but is related to swapna though. It can be present both in males and females.

Males notice their undergarments are wet in the morning and females have wetness of vagina which may pass off unnoticed. It is also called spontaneous orgasm. Because it is not a disorder, it does not need treatment.


Human Sleep is of 2 types – NREM & REM (Non Rapid Eye Movement and Rapid Eye Movement).

First we get NREM Sleep which is light sleep.

REM Sleep is deep sleep where we get dreams, the body is totally paralysed, breathing, heartbeat, testosterone and growth hormone secretions increase.

The inhibitory no radrenergic influences from locus ceruleus is removed so there is erection and orgasm. It is more frequent during the later half of night. REM sleep is also called slow wave sleep and is essential for good health. Hence we understand that nocturnal emission is a normal physiological process, and it can start due to sudden surge of testosterone when a boy enters adolescence.