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Myths Regarding Orgasm or Climax In Women

Myths Regarding Orgasm or Climax In Women

1- Good sex or normal sex must be completed with the orgasm in a woman - Most people believe that penovaginal sex must end with the woman’s orgasm. If there is no orgasm in females, there is a problem in the man or the woman. It could be a weakness or ED in the man. In reality, normal penovaginal sex results in orgasm in only 25% of females. The absence of an orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean some disorder. Nature has made the sexual organs of a man and woman in such a way that normally during penovaginal sex, the penis can’t come in contact with the clitoris because it is covered by fold due to arousal. so direct stimulation with penis is improbable. But if the man is aware of this phenomenon and he stimulates the clitoris by other means, the woman is likely to have orgasm 

2- A woman should have an orgasm only in missionary position - Many people are misinformed that a female has best orgasm in missionary position. Also in the missionary position, the man is responsible for the orgasm in a woman whereas, in female superior, the female receives orgasm by herself. Many men ejaculate faster in missionary positions so they develop this misconception. Orgasm is orgasm, be it in any position 

3-  The man and woman should climax together - This sounds pretty odd . The man gets more stimulation in penovaginal sex in the missionary position so the man is likely to climax before the woman. Every woman has different body chemistry and the level of excitement is not the same during each sexual encounter. So time for a climax in a woman can vary a lot. 

4- A woman should climax every time she has sex -  This is a major confusion in people. Sex is not a race where there is a start and finish line. Only 15-20% of women have the capacity for multiple orgasms. Single orgasm, multiple orgasms,s or no orgasm shouldn’t make a difference. The only thing that matters is sexual satisfaction. Normally only 66% of women orgasm during sex. Sex can be satisfied even without her orgasm. If you have satisfactory sex in 6 out of 10 times- it is absolutely normal 

5- Once the man ejaculates - sex is over- Many times , the man will roll to the other side to sleep after his ejaculation. This is not fair. You must care for your partner - if she desires, give her oral or finger stimulation for her satisfaction. Sex should end only when both of you are satisfied.

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