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Pleasuring and Intercourse Are Mutual Activities

Pleasuring and Intercourse Are Mutual Activities :

Artificial regid roles for men and women inhibit sexual satisfaction. The foreplay/pleasuring period can be involving and enjoyable for the men as well as the women. Rather than the man “doing” the man so that she is aroused enough for intercourse, both can enjoy the give-and-take pleasuring experience. Intercourse, too, is a mutual activity which can be as enjoyable and arousing for the women as for the man. The best aphrodisiac is an involved, aroused partner. The “gift to get” guidelines means that your partner’s pleasure gives you pleasure. This applies to arousal and intercourse for both people.

विवान हॉस्पिटल एक अत्याधुनिक हॉस्पिटल है जो सेक्शूअल हेल्थ को समर्पित है। यह हॉस्पिटल ISO 9001-2008 से प्रमाणित है 

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