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Sexual Dysfunctions have a cause and effect relationship with psychiatric diseases; most psychiatric problems can result in sexual dysfunctions and vice versa. There are even cases when the medicines that are used to treat psychiatric problems only deteriorate the sex problems rather than doing any benefit. (There are a few “safe medicines of course”)


One of worst cases that affect people of nearly all age groups and is a result of Psychiatric Disease is Depression. Just as difficult as it sounds, depression declines the quality of the life one is leading, while increasing the chances of suicide. There are chances that a patient might get repeated episodes of depression (Unipolar Depression) or may be associated with a Hypomanic or Maniac Episode (Bipolar Disorder), or in most cases the symptoms for both the conditions may coexist (Mixed Episode).

Any person who is suffering from the maniac episode may show symptoms of sexual aggressiveness, demanding or indulging in a socially inappropriate sexual behavior. He may also seek unsafe sex practices, which means the chances of catching a sexually transmitted infection are high.


If you’re somebody who worries too much, then you’ll definitely have a lot of information on anxiety and how it affects the things in your life. If you tend to worry a lot, then there are chances you might just end up facing the anxiety disorder.

All of these are extremely relevant when it comes to sex life because there are chances that one can simply develop the fear of performing in bed or the possibility of not being able to satisfy the partner. If a person develops a feeling like this, he might just choose to avoid sex and strained material relationships.

However, at Vivan Hospital, we make sure you’re guided by the best doctors so that you can get over the anxiety disorder that was otherwise affecting your life in an extremely negative manner.


A person who gets repeated unwanted thoughts, mental imageries or impulses despite his best efforts to avoid them could be facing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The worst part about it is that the person usually knows that all these thoughts are illogical, immoral or dangerous yet is unable to control them; therefore, the person might try to perform some repetitive activities which help him avoid the thoughts that cause anxiety, the activities being termed as Compulsions.


A person with OCD has hardly any energy left to think of sex because repeated obsessions and compulsions drain most of his energy. They develop body pains and tiredness . Sexual interest becomes a low or no priority thing; Erectile Dysfunction can be another major problem due to OCD. Some patients may develop a strong disgust with body fluids like semen,saliva or vaginal fluids and they tend to their genitalia repeatedly after sex, often injuring the soft skin . Individuals lose their interest in foreplay like kissing due to fear of contamination with saliva,semen or vaginal fluid. These may result in severe marital discord and the worst cases may even lead to divorce .


One extremely severe form of the psychiatric problem is Schizophrenia, a problem that usually starts in adolescence and runs a chronic course with frequent remissions and exacerbations. It is definitely not something one can ignore, even if it at an early stage because facts state that Schizophrenia has exponentially devastating effect on a person’s sex life. The people generally don’t trust others , lose emotions and empathy. Though the drive to perform sex is considerably low in such patients, yet with a few good medicines, this problem can be easily resolved. It is best if the problem is treated at an earlier at its initial stages instead of never discussing it with the doctor and facing a severer problem later.

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