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Sex and Love Are Not the Same

Sex and Love Are Not the Same

The most human and satisfying relationships integrate intimacy and sexuality. However, sex and love are not the same. This myth has done Immeasurable harm. when we speak of love, we do not mean the romantic high which comes intensely but fleetingly early in a relationship. love evolves into a mature intimacy in which you respect, trust, and care about each other. Sex is not limited to the initial excitement that comes with knowing that you are attracted to the excited by a new person. Sexual function means that you experience Desire, arousal, orgasm, and feel emotionally satisfied and bonded.  You can be sexually Functional with people you don't even like and can love someone but still love a chronic sexual problem. Sex and love are different. The most secure relationship integrates loving intimacy with sexual satisfaction.

विवान हॉस्पिटल एक अत्याधुनिक हॉस्पिटल है जो सेक्शूअल हेल्थ को समर्पित है। यह हॉस्पिटल ISO 9001-2008 से प्रमाणित है 

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