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Sex during menses - right or wrong?

Sex during menses - right or wrong?

Most people avoid sex during menstrual bleeding. There can be several reasons - but probably the biggest reason is the wrong perception of people who consider the menstrual period as dirty and the woman as untouchable. Some even think that sex during menses can result in Sexually Transmitted Infections. Let’s find out the truth! 

Menstrual cycles are a normal part of every woman. Normally the bleeding lasts 3 days but this can vary a lot. Menstrual blood contains uterine endothelium with blood so when the bleeding stops after 3 rd day, the endothelial formation restarts. This cyclical process is like other functions of your body like a heart beating, blood flowing in arteries and veins, and control of blood sugar by various hormones. A woman’s uterus has no infection normally so performing intercourse during menstrual bleeding can’t cause STD infection. If the woman has an illness like AIDS, the risk is as much as any other day - neither more nor less. So sex during the menstrual cycle should be considered as normal. Bleeding from the uterus is not continuous but is in spurts. So there may be slight bleeding during intercourse so your penis may get covered a little bit by blood. If you find it very disgusting, you may use condoms. It is believed that sex during the menstrual cycle can’t result in pregnancy. This is quite true. If the cycle of the woman is regular and not irregular or is not very short, the chances of pregnancy is not more than 0.1%. Rather natural lubrication and negligible chances of getting pregnant may result in more enjoyment to the woman. In short, remember, you can enjoy sex during menses which can be quite safe and more pleasurable. Though blood on the penis can feel disgusting for some, they can use a condom.

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