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Sex myths and facts

1 - Male and F should discharge together 
-Generally, it never happens. Generally, Females take more time to climax. Moreover, penovaginal stimulation may not suffice. They need clitoral and breast stimulation as well. Men unnecessarily conclude they are climaxing early when compared to their partner.

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2- If I can’t satisfy her tonight, I am good for nothing
-This is catastrophic thinking and putting pressure on yourself. This is not a pass-fail test. Failures are common in sex life and just because you may not satisfy her tonight, don’t be so harsh to yourself.

3- My erection is not as good as it was during my young age 
- There are other things as well which are not the same as in young age. Sexuality also has effects of ageing. Erection is OK till the time you can complete the act of intercourse. The degree of maximum hardness, but good enough for intercourse, will reduce with age.

4- I must perform well otherwise she will think I am a eunuch 
- You have no control over what she may think but it is important that you don’t think this way. It will create pressure on you which may hinder performance. Instead, just enjoy the moment and focus on the pleasure.

5- Penis should hit the womb to result in pregnancy 
- This misconception has come right from porn literature. You just need to deposit your semen in vagina and sperms will swim across to enter the uterus. Fertilisation takes place in Fallopian tubes

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