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Some tips for using condoms correctly

Despite the fact that condom prevents STD and unwanted pregnancy, proper use of condom is not taught anywhere . Here are a few tips to use a Male condom properly- 

1- Use a fresh condom each time - One fresh condom should be used every time you have a vaginal, anal or oral sex. These should be discarded after each act . Some couples wear it too late in the act or remove it too soon so it should be worn during the whole process of sex 

2- Inspect the condom packet carefully- Condoms have a shelf life . They tend to deteriorate with time so chances of torn condom increase. Also make sure it has been stored properly at a cool dry place 

3- • Look at the condom before using it and avoid puncturing it. Do not use sharp objects to open the package. Make sure the condom does not have any holes or tears. If it does, do not use it.

4• Put the condom on correctly. Do not unroll the condom immediately after opening the package. Instead, place the condom at the tip of the penis (leaving space to collect semen) and slowly unroll it all the way to the base. Squeeze any remaining air out of the tip. Also, be sure the condom is not applied inside-out. If this happens, remove it, dispose of it, and start again with a fresh condom. (Re-applying the original condom can expose the partner to pre-ejaculatory fluid.)

5-• Leave space at the tip. When a man ejaculates, his semen needs space to collect.

6-• Use a lubricant. A lubricant reduces friction, decreasing the risk of condom breakage. Choose a lubricant with caution, however. Not all lubricants can be used with condoms because they cause latex to break down. KY jelly can be used as lubricant 

7- • Hold the rim of the condom when withdrawing the penis. This can minimise the risk of leakage.

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