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Vijay , 28,Bijnour

I had difficulty in ejaculation and no feelings for sex. I had serious doubts so was avoiding marriage Dr Saatiish treated me and now am happily married for 3 months.

Chandra Shekhar , 38,Bangalore

Our married life was shattered because we had no sex for the last 2 years . We had frequently fights. I had a lot of pressures in office. Even we were sleeping in different rooms. Dr Saatiish treated me and I was feeling much better after 2 weeks. Now we have sex every other day, we are so happy and it is the beginning of new life . I can’t express my gratitude to vivan hospital . God bless Dr Saatiish.

Silvaraj , 56,Madras

I had ED problem for 10 years. Took treatment from many places but no benefit . Dr Saatiish is a very good doctor . He conducted some tests and treated me for 3 months. I am feeling much better now . Thanks Dr Saatiish

Kamlesh , 29,Kanpur

I was very depressed due to my small sized penis. I had 3 girl friends who left me ,taunted for small penis. I approached Dr Jhuntrraa. I have undergone surgery at vivan hospital. I have got 1.5 inch increase in length and 1 inch in girth. My present girl friend is happy and shortly I plan to marry. thanks Vivan Hospital

Gaurav , 31,Jabalpur

I am deeply thankful to vivan hospital for giving a fresh life to my married life My wife had gone to her parents due to daily fights for my pre mature ejaculation. I tried treatments from a number of places but after treatment from vivan hospital,We are fully satisfied with our sex life

Piyush Somani , 26, Jaipur

I’m a young guy going to get married next month in July. I was sexually active before marriage and I wanted to be honest at front of my wife so I decided to go for premarital counseling. It was a couple counseling and Vivan hospital was best for it because their Dr couple is the best in the country. In the starting we were very shy but after second meeting all gone well. I was diagnosed STD sexually transmitted disease and was successfully treated. Many myths were cleared from our minds. I got a new vision of post marriage life with my fiancé and now we are ready for a happy marriage life.

Amit Mittal , 29,Muktsar, Punjab.

Dr. Saattish is best doctor in the world. 3 months back my marriage was at the verse of breaking. My sex life was fully spoilt my friend suggested me to visit vivan hospital. Dr. saattish diagnosed premature ejaculation and treated my not only with right medicines but also with his suggestions like a Psychologist. Now I’m living a happy life. Thank you!

Mohammed Mohd , 33,Delhi

I am really really thankful to the doctors both vinita mam and sir..me and my wife were not able to have sex even after a year of our marriage and really we were so tensed and spent many nights cryings but when we visited vivan hospital more

R.K Mantri , 30,Ajmer

There is a very good medical staff and proper hygiene at Vivan. I got my treatment for hair loss there. The results were better than expected. I look young at 30’s and feel young at heart. Thank you, team of Vivan hospital, for such warm hospitality

Vipin , 32,Jaipur

Best Treatment Received For My Wife.Nice Hospital Equipped With All Facilities. Dr Is Very Nice And Talented.Thanks To My Friends For Suggesting This Hospital. Thanks Vivan Hospital

Kuldeep , 32,Delhi

Hi I am deeply thankful to Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa for helping me improve my sex relations with my husband. I had lost all desire to have sex and my husband was going nuts. He had started affair with his secretary . He admitted one day that since I was not giving him pleasure in bed, he was enjoying with his secretary. Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa helped me remove my myths and and perceptions about sex and counselled to increase my curosity for sex and I started a new life with my husband, of course the sex became much more thrilling and satisfactory. God Bless You

Mathew , 34,COLOMBO

hi , I belong to Srilanka. I am a medical doctor . My family members were pressing me for marriage. I didn’t want to marry with a girl because I felt I was a gay. I was very very confused , not having enough courage to tell my family members about the truth. Dr jhuntrraa helped me by online counselling and I could tell my family about my preference. Now I am at peace with my self. thank you Sir

Sekharan , 25,Tiruchi

I had the problem of small penis since childhood. I consulted some doctors but everyone told that it was normal and size does not matter. I couldn’t have sex due to the problem. Dr Jhuntrraa told me first time that I had small penis, and that it can be treated. He gave me some injections and treatment for 4-5 months, My size grew by almost one inch in length and thickness also improved. Thanks Dr Jhuntrraa , now I have a happy sex life

Prem , 32,Gwalior

I was having severe premature discharge . In fact. I had very strained relations with my wife due to the sex problem. Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa gave me online sex therapy for 3 months. now I have learnt to control my self . We are extremely thankful to Dr. Saatiish for saving our marriage

Punit , 30,Delhi

Hello Doctor, I’ve taken the first round of counselling (through online) on 22-Mar for the maintenance of erection problem. The result has been good after that. I’m able to maintain the erections now. Thank you very much for the counselling. However I would like to go through the second and third rounds of counselling as well, just to keep the confidence going on. I can avail that any time I want with prior intimation to you, right? I would like to approach you back when ever I feel so. Please confirm..? Thank you again..!

Sameer , 28,Delhi

I had a severe problem of Early Discharge. In my 11 yrs of married life, we never had a satisfactory sex. My wife was getting very irritated and often taunted me for being unable to satisfy her sexually. Dr Jhuntrraa advised both of us to meet him . After treatment, we enjoy sex like never before , my wife is very happy. Thanks Dr Jhuntrraa for giving us a new lease of life!!!!

Moh. Umar khan , 34,,Karmala Jaipur

I am really thankful to the doctors both vinita mam and sir..me and my wife were not able to have sex even after a year of our marriage and really we were so tensed and spent many nights cryings but when we visited Vivan hospital doctors suggested counseling for me and my wife and they promised us that in 5 days all will b well but o swear on god and only after 4 days we are able to have normal intercourse. The best part about the hospital is they have female doctor to treat female patients The hospital staff is also very cooperative. I suggest if anyone is suffering from sex problems please do visit once it’s better to get checked and I really pray for the doctors and sincere thanks to Vivan hospital